We are SHOC@CMC.

Study Hacks on Campus at Claremont McKenna College is a team of 20 students which takes an innovative approach to higher education. Under the guidance of MIT Postdoc and renown student success expert, Cal Newport, we develop, evaluate, and employ cutting edge study techniques to maximize our learning and minimize our time spent studying. We serve as a creative think tank and a focus group for a comprehensive approach to success in education which can best be described by the fundamental Study Hacks philosophy: “Do Less. Do Better. Know Why.”

We recognize that the most interesting, meaningful, and fun things happen outside of the library. Our goal is to help ourselves, our peers, and students everywhere succeed without stress.

Want to know more about our team members? Visit our team member profiles.

Have questions or press inquiries? Email us at SHOCatCMC@gmail.com.

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