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Synthesizing for Spring Break

February 27, 2010 1 comment

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Control Your Life

February 6, 2010 1 comment

Now that we have captured everything floating around in our minds on a physical medium and purged it from our thoughts, we are feeling über organized and near stress free. But wait, we still have to find time to do everything that we’ve captured! Now it’s time to take control of our lives.

The Goal

The goal is to adopt efficient and low-stress scheduling strategies that ensure we get stuff done well and on time.The Problem

Most students I know just keep a mental to-do list and then sit down around 8:00pm and ponder “What do I have to do today?” or turn to their syllabi to see if they have anything due the next day.  They start working on whatever comes to mind first, and hope to get through everything by 1am so they can get some sleep. Now, some students are a bit more organized and have all their assignments written out somewhere, and if you’ve been following us on the Study Hacks on Campus journey, then you should have everything you need to do recorded in your MTL… but that’s not enough. Read more…