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An SHOC Intro Thanks to Our Friends at U Penn

Michael over at SHOC: UPENN wrote a great introduction to SHOC. He captures both the mission and the tone of the program very well in his blog post:

“I once heard that in college, you could only have two out of the following three things at any one time: sleep, good grades and a social life. I used to believe that was true, that the only way to do well was to put in an obscene amount of time–to grind. After a semester of watching my sanity ebb away, I decided that there had to be a better way. And there is. This group of fed-up students is dedicated to working smarter, not harder, so we don’t let our studying get in the way of our learning. Using Cal Newport’s student-specific productivity strategies as a jump-off point, we’ll be experimenting with how to do college right. We’re done grinding, and we’re glad that you’re coming along for the ride.”

I hope everyone is enjoying their break! Stay tuned for a member list and information on the first meeting!
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